Infrastructure & Communications

Enhancing value at all points across your infrastructure

Infrastructure-and-CommunicationsMicro clouds. Big Data. Anytime/Anywhere computing. These are just a few of the game changing initiatives driving superior value across today’s infrastructures. Add to these multimedia, AV/VTC, wireless fidelity (WiFi), unpredictable requirement surges and a robust mix of smart mobile devices. That’s quite a mix. Your challenge:  deliver consistently predictable service, escalating customer value and bullet-proof enterprise-wide security—all with your dwindling budget. Just how exactly do you do this?  And is doing it alone even an option anymore?

SAVA brings to today’s high-density, always-on operations an unparalleled network of credentialed professionals, proven real-world insights and the ability to design, implement, staff, optimize and secure the most complex and critical aspects of today’s DoD and civilian infrastructures. From site surveys and cabling through infrastructure design, implementation and test to WiFi, AV/VTC, telepresence, secure access management and capacity on demand, look to SAVA’s infrastructure services team to take you where you need to be with affordable solutions that resolve the business priorities most critical to you and your customers as you go.

Infrastructure Engineering

SAVA plans, designs, installs, certifies and maintains a facility’s voice, video and data communications network which includes cable plant, telecom closets, data centers, work area outlet locations and alternate solutions.

Design & Product Engineering

SAVA has cleared Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI)-certified and Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) on staff who can design any aspect of a building’s physical layer infrastructure according to industry standards. Experienced in both copper and fiber optic cabling, we analyze past, current and future requirements, evaluate the project environment and provide recommendations for the type of fiber and termination method. This process ensures the solution provides the best fit your requirements, environment and future-proofing needs.

IV&V and Test

SAVA tests all installed cabling to ensure it meets/exceeds applicable industry standards. We provide Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services throughout an infrastructure’s lifecycle via today’s strongest systems engineering and process improvement models. We test a facility’s entire infrastructure and provide a complete map that displays functional, degraded and inoperable circuit pathways. Our team evaluates the map and provides recommendations to remedy degraded and inoperable media.

Physical Security

SAVA’s cleared telecommunications designers are intimately familiar with Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) and Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) requirements and how they should be designed and implemented to protect physical layer infrastructure.

Bonding & Grounding

Bonding and grounding is frequently overlooked during the planning phase of many facilities. SAVA understands the importance of a properly installed grounding system and designs, installs, inspects, evaluates and provides recommendations to the current bonding and grounding system installed throughout the facility

Video Teleconferencing & Telepresence Solutions

SAVA is a leader in the design, installation and operation of secure video teleconferencing solutions.  Our affiliations with leading telepresence technology partners, including Cisco/Tandberg, allow us to provide comprehensive integrated solutions, programming, maintenance and service plans, as well as the staffing of cleared and qualified personnel to run the day-to-day conferencing operations.

SAVA has the people, capabilities, knowledge and proven record to successfully fulfill all client requirements.  SAVA can provide customized solutions within the three tiers of VTC systems.  We work with you to design custom systems from the full blown telepresence offerings down to the desktop offerings and related infrastructure. From high-definition video technology to life-sized displays, our extensive selection of resources guarantees that you’ll achieve the ultimate conferencing experience. The experience and expertise of our service providers ensures that you’ll be backed by comprehensive installation and technical support, both onsite and offsite.

Audio Visual Design and Integration

SAVA offers full service Audio Visual (AV) system design and integration.  Our staff includes engineers, project managers, programmers, installation technicians and CAD professionals.  SAVA design engineers work closely with architects, designers, facility managers, IT engineers, and construction professionals to design, build and install premium-level audio visual environments to facilitate all levels of presentation, communication and collaboration. This can include design and project engineering, consulting, AV systems integration, design/build, installation, preventative maintenance and warranties.

WiFi Design & Integration Services

SAVA provides turnkey solutions for your wireless needs.  Our team is experienced in both high-density array and standard access point platforms. SAVA can provide a predictive survey to create WiFi heat maps and an initial equipment list.  We will follow up with an onsite Radio Frequency (RF) survey, which enables us to collaborate with our customers on the best WiFi design for their needs.

Preventive Maintenance & Warranties

SAVA has partnerships and affiliations with many technology leaders allowing us to provide maintenance and services plans for their products in our solutions.

Datacenter Operations & Managed Services

SAVA is helping today’s agencies get to where they need to go by providing end-to-end, ITIL compliant datacenter/NOC facility infrastructure buildouts that support tens of thousands of users at hundreds of sites worldwide.  We combine this with staffing and expertise to operate and manage these high-density systems, always-on operations to meet the aggressive economic and business models required of today’s most demanding DoD and civilian missions.

Datacenter Design, Construction & Buildout

SAVA has extensive experience with datacenter design and build-outs, including strategy, planning, design and transition; electrical, mechanical and structural build-out; environmental controls, HVAC, cooling and air plenums; raised flooring and cable troughs; and cable and wiring.