Logistics Services

A holistic approach to your entire logistics landscape

Logistics-Infographic-SavaModern global logistics operations are more complex than ever and demand unprecedented levels of speed, agility, resilience and accuracy. They also require a holistic, top-down view across your entire logistic landscape—a dynamic environment driven by the ever increasing volume, variety and velocity of data. This is the world SAVA thrives in. And because we have this experience and expertise, we can provide you proven, flexible and affordable solutions that integrate acquisition strategies, planning and requirements analysis, policy development, cost benefit analysis and logistics system design, implementation, operations, and maintenance. It is this capability to map an integrated solution to all activities and players across your logistics landscape that gives you the visibility and control to continually increase efficiencies, better moderate costs and operate systems that last longer, and require less support across their extended lifecycles. This is the SAVA difference.

Logistics Planning

SAVA works closely with you to provide long-range logistics planning and technical program management support in areas of data gathering, research, program-related documentation, development of integrated support solutions and management information systems. We develop briefing material as required.

Policy Development, Research & Review

SAVA researches and develops Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), 3PL and 4PL to ensure an easily supportable system with a robust customer service concept at the lowest cost and in line with reliability, availability, maintainability and other customer requirements.

Requirements Analysis

SAVA offers executive-level consulting services that include an interdisciplinary team of functional and multifunctional logistic subject matter experts and research analysts. We help organizations maintain a constant view of their systems and how they interoperate and impact the bottom line both in the near and far term.  Identifying trends and causal relationships our subject matter experts help your organization stay ahead of requirements while minimizing costs and logistics footprint.

Secure Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain is evolving into the secure supply chain, where materiel is securely tracked from the manufacturer through all distribution points to the end user. SAVA provides its customers with analysts to ensure supply chain integrity and prevent all types of diversion.

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Policies cost money. And determining value vs. cost can be a challenge.  SAVA helps you weigh the total expected costs against the total expected benefits over the near, far and lifecycle timeframes from an enterprise perspective. SAVA provides the facts, data and analysis for strategic decision support. We develop the problem statement and define the objective of the scope, formulate assumptions and identify constraints, document the current state (status quo), define alternatives with cost estimates, identify quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits, define alternative selection criteria and report results and recommendations.