Strategic Consulting

Matching complex problem solving with technology and subject matter expertise.

Strategic-ConsultingSAVA is a trusted source for expertise, thought leadership and innovative technology solutions across today’s intelligence, law enforcement, defense and federal civilian communities. These subject matter experts integrate data for dissemination, analysis, operations and complete decision support. Leveraging deep functional experience brought from each of their respective communities, our subject matter experts work tirelessly alongside agency decision makers to bring continuous clarity, strength and security to policy development, business operations and mission execution in today’s increasingly complex and demanding government environment.


SAVA provides senior level subject matter experts including Investigative Analysts that support detailed analysis and recommendations for background investigations, clearance verifications and reference checks. Our subject matter experts are trained former Federal and State investigators with extensive experience in all federal and state regulations, requirements, policies and procedures.

Insider Threat Prevention

SAVA is a leading provider of comprehensive insider threat program policy development and threat assessment and execution in support of Executive Order 13587. Our subject matter experts leverage counterintelligence and behavioral assessment, security and information assurance to accelerate baseline insider threat programs while providing expert analysis and recommendations for combating malicious insiders.

Knowledge Management

Federal agencies today are awash in knowledge—critical knowledge vital to sound decision making at every level of the organization. Sava’s Knowledge Management professionals help get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time and place by integrating the people, processes, technology and content that drive your extended enterprise. The result is streamlined business intelligence processes, superior cross-organizational collaboration and accelerated time-to-decision.

Security Planning, Training & Policy Development

SAVA’s team of experienced Intelligence Community (IC) and Law Enforcement (LE) subject matter experts  provide security policy, training and technical support to meet specific legal, regulatory, directive or mission requirements. We assess and document requirements, provide gap analysis and assist in the implementation, training and technology realization of security planning exercises.

Case Management Support

SAVA’s case management expertise spans adjudications, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, insider threat and law enforcement fields. It also includes specialists with entity specific case management tools as well as the capability to develop tools suited to specific mission parameters.

Investigative Services—Financial, Employee Theft, Fraud, Compliance, Testimony Cyber Forensics

SAVA provides experienced federal and state investigators to support internally driven investigations in cases from theft to large scale embezzlement. Our support is both CONUS and OCONUS and complies with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

SAVA’s certified Cyber Forensics subject matter experts and technicians provide computer and mobile forensics examinations and systems management support for Law Enforcement IT environments. Our expertise included forensic-specific software tools and the administrative and process requirements supporting evidentiary needs.

Information Fusion, Search & Discovery

Our subject matter experts support the information infrastructure required to aggregate the growing number target and metadata sources across various media. This includes the information collection, search, synthesis, analysis and correlation required to assess and exploit this data.

Intelligence Collection, Analysis & Dissemination

SAVA provides intelligence analysis subject matter experts in all-source intelligence, Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) to the intelligence and LE communities across the full spectrum of their respective missions. This includes research, collection, analysis and maintaining and updating their electronic intelligence information repositories.

Counter Intelligence Operations Support

SAVA’s IC and LE subject matter experts provide research, investigation and assessment of suspicious incidents, detailed reporting and dissemination requirements and federal criminal prosecution support.

Identity Intelligence & Biometrics Support

SAVA’s expertise across both identity intelligence and technology enables us to fully support the growth of biometrics, biometrics policy development, technical implementation and its integration into such domains as identity and access management.