Federal Civilian

Tailored solutions proven in today’s most stringent environments

Managers at today’s federal civilian agencies are squeezed between unprecedented stakeholder expectations and financials struggling to keep pace. It is a creative tension that requires people and processes to be used better, that investments return value sooner and that opportunities be uncovered that enable smarter, leaner government at lower cost. It is a complex, demanding environment with no margin for error. But it’s an environment in which SAVA and its clients thrive.

Fiercely focused on outcomes

SAVA brings to its civilian clients a comprehensive portfolio of outcome-driven services and solutions proven to enhance performance, reduce risk and lower capital and operating costs in today’s most demanding government environments. We engage collaboratively at a strategic level to carefully determine pain points and priorities. This enables us to identify immediate opportunities for performance improvement, weigh alternatives and risks, and align technology and service insertion with business objectives and budget constraints.

Across a solution’s entire lifecycle

Our subject matter experts, IT, information security, communications, infrastructure, supply chain and managed service professionals bring deep functional experience and expertise to all key points across a solutions lifecycle—from design, development and deployment through operations, maintenance and retirement.  And we continuously search out better business process, technology and workforce efficiencies. The result: reasoned and responsible transformation that gets you to where you need to be at your own pace, with resources you can comfortably obtain and within a flexible solution framework that better accommodates future change. SAVA supports its Federal Civilian clients with the following services:

Information Technology

Aligning technology investment and business processes with desired mission outcomes

  • Systems engineering, integration and optimization
  • Manage services—on-site/remote
  • Collaboration
  • Business process optimization

Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Building security into your systems across their full lifecycles

  • Network security services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Enhanced security services
  • Security system development
  • Security controls assessment
  • Insider threat
  • Forensic services
  • Advanced malware analysis

Infrastructure Services

Enhancing value at all points across your infrastructure

  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Design and product engineering
  • Test and IV&V
  • Video teleconferencing and telepresence
  • Audio visual design and integration
  • WiFi design and integration
  • Datacenter design, construction and build-out
  • Datacenter operations and managed services
  • Physical
  • Bonding and grounding
  • Preventative maintenance and warranties

Strategic Services

Integrating data for dissemination, analysis, operations and decision support

  • Adjudication
  • Insider threat
  • Case management support
  • Security planning, training and policy support
  • Investigative services
  • Identity intelligence-biometrics support