Helping enable the Intelligence Community to successfully confront and combat threats to our homeland and allies.

The 17 organizations which compose today’s federal Intelligence Community (IC) must confront and combat an unprecedented array of threats to our national decision-making apparatus, financial, industrial and public infrastructures, intellectual property and personal safety. These threats are complex, interrelated and continually evolving in their scope, sophistication and destructive power. To successfully protect the United States and its allies from these threats, and prepare defenses for new and unpredictable threats, all IC members require up-to-the-minute information, trusted expertise and today’s contemporary and most innovative technology.

Trusted across the Intelligence Community

SAVA has consistently provided the IC with forward-thinking and cost-effective consulting and mission support services. Our senior thought leaders and subject matter experts, many of whom have recognized experience across the IC and federal law enforcement community, provide focused consultant teams to help clients find intelligence gaps, develop stronger information gathering and analytics and enhance collaboration capabilities to achieve success with their most difficult and demanding mission objectives.

SAVA’s ranks are filled with intelligence and counterintelligence experts who have dedicated their lives to making our country a safe place to live. Whether we’re helping our customers in their fights against terrorism, gang activity, or bank robberies, SAVA provides expert consultation and cost-effective solutions, which add immediate value to our client’s missions. Our capabilities include:

Intelligence Solutions

  • Intelligence collection plans and analysis
  • Terrorist watch-listing and watch-standing
  • Intelligence, security policy and procedure consulting
  • Identity intelligence and biometrics
  • Media exploitation, forensics and analysis
  • Counterintelligence operations support
  • HUMINT operations support
  • Anti-terrorism and force protection
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Mission management
  • Agency liaison
  • Data analytical services
  • Collection management
  • Personnel security support
  • Systems integration for sharing intelligence between federal, state, local, and tribal agencies
  • Counterintelligence support
  • Dissemination and information sharing strategy
  • Gang intelligence expertise and collection
  • Policy development, implementation and compliance

Intelligence Technology Solutions

  • Social and new media solutions
  • Collaboration portal engineering and development
  • Structured search
  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Data engineering, ontologies, and warehousing
  • Software customizations and development
  • Federators and agents
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Enterprise engineering and systems development
  • Business process modeling
  • Information fusion, search and discovery enablement