Law Enforcement

Strengthening cross agency collaboration with today’s most trusted analytics, biometrics and computer forensics solutions.

SAVA has long been in the forefront of shaping the solutions that enable federal, state, local and international organizations to close intelligence gaps and perform as secure, effective, cohesive units. But as our nation’s adversaries quickly and continually develop new threats—including the most devastating imaginable “insider” threats—law enforcement is increasingly judged by how successfully it anticipates the unknown. This is a challenge that creates a greater-than-ever need for secure access to real-time information—not just via updates to your network and communications infrastructure, but from a combination of today’s most innovative and trusted intel, data analytics, advanced biometrics, information assurance and computer forensics services and solutions. This is a world in which SAVA thrives. It is the SAVA difference, and we prove it every day at the FBI, DEA, Department of Defense and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Our services and solutions include the following:

Intelligence & Counterterrorism

Validating sources, assessing threats and transforming data into actionable intelligence

  • Intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination
  • Media exploitation and analysis
  • Source validation and profiling
  • Information sharing

Investigative Consulting & Criminal SMEs

Career professionals providing solutions and subject matter expertise in areas such as gang violence, organized crime, fraud, counterintelligence, weapons of mass destruction, and national security

  • Executive leadership and mentoring
  • Records management and litigation support
  • Computer forensics
  • Training


Industry leading identity technology and information management experience and expertise

  • Collect, process, transmit, archive, cache and tag biometric data and associated intelligence
  • Cross domain synchronization and integration of biometrics technologies, information and metadata, including DNA and Rapid DNA
    • Standardization of biometric formats, interfaces, methodologies and performance metrics across the U.S. Government
    • Policy and privacy expertise
    • Digital security expertise

Information Technology

Aligning technology investment and business processes with desired mission outcomes

  • Systems engineering and integration
  • Manage services
  • Collaboration

Computer Forensics

Comprehensive computer forensics policy, procedure and process expertise

  • Evidence collection
  • Chain-of-custody handling
  • Electronic data recovery
  • Incidence response
  • Evidence analysis
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Remediation of attack vectors
  • System validation/re-accreditation
  • Enterprise hardening
  • ASCLD-LAB accredited

Fusion Cell Consulting

State-of-the-art clearinghouse for swift, secure information and intelligence exchange

  • Planning and requirements analysis
  • Design, outfitting and staffing
  • Operations, management and governance

Cyber Security

Protecting people, information and infrastructures from threats worldwide

  • Security planning and policy
  • Intrusion prevention, detection and investigation
  • Data protection and encryption
  • Secure system development
  • Insider threats
  • Managed IT services
  • Enhanced security services
  • Security analytics

Critical Infrastructure & Facility Protection

Identifying threats, assessing vulnerabilities—and mitigating them

  • Risk management
  • Physical security
  • Executive protection
  • Government and corporate liaison

Emergency Planning & Response Management

Identifying threats that pose the greatest risk—and preparing to meet them

  • Safety and security policies and strategies
  • Incident management response: planning, testing and training
  • Source validation and profiling
  • Information sharing